Miarts Lab Experience

The art you never seen                      The music you've never heard

Lab Experience is a series of art experiences that will explore different styles over time. Curated generative experiences, music, exclusives in the form of tradable to holders, high-value printed matter... We set no limits.

The price will also be scalable. Some experiences will be offered for free to our community and others will be for sale in the form of Minting or exhibition. This is the beginning of a large evolving collection that will appeal to all styles and will reward its ambassadors and partners.

Experience 001 
Curated Deconstruction
Total Supply : 529 Tokens

Curated Deconstruction is the first experience in the "Lab Experience" series by Miarts NFT.


For this experiment, each token is generated from 3 completely different works of art that have been organized to be deconstructed into a mixture allowing palettes and designs to take shape. 



1st stage
Creation of vectors generated differently by their :
- Thicknesses and lengths
- Positioning in the grid
- Degree



2nd Stage
Creation of canvases painted according to 12 different color palettes and 4 different styles. For example, there are watercolor paintings, abstract gouache, mozaiks as well as a comprehensive collection of curated generative digital art.


3rd stage
Excluding canvases over vectors to bring pixelation and body to main vectors. This operation results in a partial deconstruction of the original canvas


4th stage
Creation of the additional upper layer generated from 50 models of straight shapes res ecting the 12 initial color palettes of the canvases created in the second stage.


5th stage
Finally, organize the final generation of art works using established rules and scales to maintain consistency despite the deconstruction of curation

Experience 002 (Drop date : December 10, 2022